Maigaskiya Studio

The memories most cherished are smiles best documented in pictures, and Maigaskiya Studio is your best bet for your pre-wedding, wedding ceremonies, maternity, newborn, corporate, fashion and lifestyle portrait and outdoor pictures, ensuring you have a physical reminder of your happiest moments for a lifetime.

Maigaskiya Foundation

Maigaskiya Galleria is closer to our heart as it is our avenue of giving back to the community.
Art is what we have to give through the Maigaskiya Foundation, hence our dedication to using art to meet the primary needs of our elderly, our women and our children.
We are a phone call away for consultations, bookings, partnerships and collaborations for your business or projects. Call today for consultations or to get started on that project.

Maigaskiya Galleria

Maigaskiya Galleria is where you appreciate and can purchase the beauty that is our images. Our Art store is home to branded wears and merchandises, images for your home or office décor, and gift items all for sale. Get your personal or business gallery curated from images sourced or captured just for you or your brand.